Monday, May 12, 2014

Questions To Ask Before Any Periodontic Procedure

Before any periodontal procedure, it is important that you ask questions related to it so that you are aware of the different procedures followed. This can also enable you to gain knowledge about pre and post operative care.

You may be surprised to know that most people tend to ignore their oral health and do not pay any attention to the warning signs. This can have disastrous consequences making it difficult to treat the disease. If you are able to detect the early signs of a disease, it may become easy to treat it in an effective manner.

If the dentist suggest a periodontal procedure after examining the mouth it is best to ask questions about it so that you are aware of the various processes involved in it.

Common questions to ask before any periodontal procedure

  • Why do I need periodontal procedure?

  • What are deep cleaning, root planning and scaling?

  • What do I need to expect after root planning and scaling appointment?

  • Is surgery necessary after planning and scaling?

  • What are the different types of periodontal surgeries?

  • Is there an alternative to conventional surgery?

  • Why do I need dental implants? Do I need single or multiple implants?

  • What are the pre and postoperative care processes that need to be followed?

  • What are the common warning signs of any gum or teeth disease?

  • Do I need to see a dentist after a successful periodontal procedure?

You may be able to find answers to most of these questions on the websites of dentists. If you are unable to find an answer, you can ask the doctor who may be able to clarify all your doubts. All reputed doctors may be willing to clarify your doubts. Avoid those who do not provide proper answers to your questions.

If you value your oral health, it is important that you schedule an appointment with the periodontist so that you may be able to detect any problem at the earliest. Early detection of teeth and gum problems can help treat them in an effective manner. It is best to see a dentist at regular intervals if you are at high risk of getting a gum disease. Smokers and heavy drinkers are considered high risk and need to go for regular checkups.

Proper evaluation by the dentist is sometimes the only way to determine if you are suffering from any kind of dental problem. After evaluation, you may have to undergo tests if the periodontist finds any abnormal lumps or sores in the mouth. Based on the test results the treatment processes may vary. 

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