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Dental Implants: Important Questions To Ask

Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants displays a plastic model of the jaw with a dental implant placed to show how the implant will function in the mouth
Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants shows patients a
clear plastic model with a dental implant inserted in order
for our patients to understand what we will be doing in
their mouth.  Our 100% success rate is reflective of the
training and experience of our own Dr. De Andrade.
When trusting a dental implant professional to your mouth we recommend asking some important questions to help ensure you know you are in good hands.

It may not be possible to know 100% if the doctor you are working with has the experience, know how and ability to place a perfect implant.  By asking these questions, you will at least have peace of mind they have the right answers and proof to provide you.

These questions touch on important aspects of a successfully placed implant such as materials and certifications behind those materials.  Beyond that we touch on the experience of the doctor and their ability to show you their successful track record.

Reasoning For Creation Of These Questions

Here in Las Vegas Dr. De Andrade is known as that doctor. He has been referred thousands of dental implant cases during his 12 plus years here in Las Vegas. Unfortunately he is finding more and more that those referrals are post implant. Meaning the patient has had an implant inserted, but something has gone terribly wrong. The patient then went to another dentist for help and was then immediately referred to Dr. De Andrade. "We have a history of making wrongs, right." office manager Dolores Grubbs is quoted as saying. 

Education Plays a Role in Success

So because of this we want to inform the general public to watch out for the so called weekend dental warriors who have learned how to place implants at a weekend seminar. This type of education lacks the true depth necessary for a dental professional to obtain the hands on experience one should have before placing implants. A periodontist such as Dr. De Andrade completes multiple years of schooling beyond dental school. They then complete a residency beyond that in which they work with experienced professionals that give them hands on training for many months. This difference of experience and education is uncomparable.

Highest Grade Material For Implants

This education then carries over to the knowledge of using the proper materials that give the best chance of success. Not only are all materials not created equally, with dental implants they can determine the overall success rate of an implant. Because of this and your overall safety when determining what you are going to put in your mouth most of our questions focus on the materials. Remember that every office should be able to show proof of origin for the implants. If they can give even more information beyond that then this too should help give you piece of mind. Here at Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants, we find ourselves able to go beyond the typical certificates of origins and really explain the difference in our implants and why ours are more apt to bond with your bone to create a permanent fixture in your mouth for your life.

Drum Roll Please... The Questions

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