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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dentures and Dating—What if they find out you’re wearing them?
When patients are told that dentures would be the best solution for their permanent tooth loss, they have a lot of questions. Some of them they ask us, but other questions are left unanswered because the patient is embarrassed to ask, like “What will happen if my date finds out these aren't my real teeth?” All it takes is one web search to confirm that this is a concern for denture wearers of all ages. This question or ones like it are being asked and commented on every day, so that’s why we decided to tackle it here.  Visit Anthem Periodontics' website for more informations about alternatives to dating with dentures!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Dentures vs. Dental Implants

Do I Choose Dentures Or Dental Implants?

There are many reasons why so many people now choose dental implants over conventional dentures. The most commonly cited one being that they can enjoy a much higher quality of life. Dental implants are considered to be far more comfortable than dentures. They are also far more secure, as they are permanently attached to posts set in your jawbone. Instead of using bridging wires to hold them to adjacent teeth or in the case of full dentures, some form of bonding agent. In many cases dentures can make a person look and feel much older than they really are. No one wants to live with the aggravation of dentures, they all want to look and feel as young and healthy as possible.

Discomfort Be Gone!

Not only do conventional dentures cause discomfort, they have the potential to cause significant embarrassment in public. Imagine having your dentures come loose in mid-conversation or while you are eating a meal with guests. Even the best bonding agents fail from time to time, leaving you with teeth that slip and click when you are eating and talking. Dental implants are a permanent installation, they become one with your gums and jawbone. Because of this, you never have to worry about them coming loose or causing you any form of embarrassment.

Dental Implants Restore The Joy of Life

Dentures can be a constant hassle, causing wearers to lose their sense of self-confidence. When you have a set of permanent dental implants, you can eat what you want, when you want and never have to worry about it pulling your teeth out. You will regain your self-confidence as you can once again enjoy a very active lifestyle secure in the knowledge your teeth are not going to fall out. Your family, friends, and coworkers will be able to hear you clearly and understand what you are saying. These are only some of the many advantages of choosing full mouth restoration dental implants over conventional dentures. 

Tune in next month to learn about the All-On-Four dental implant. The newest innovation to full mouth dental implants!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Laser Gum Therapy

Anthem Laser Gum Therapy Offers Help for Gums and Your Overall Health
Periodontal disease has become rampant with busier lifestyles and the prolific abundance of sugary drinks and fast food snacks. Add to this a lack of proper dental care or regular dental checkups, and what you have is a nation of American adults suffering from gum disease. It is estimated that more than 50% of adult Americans have moderate to severe gum disease, but fewer than 3% of them seek periodontal treatment.

Why Gum Disease Treatment is So Important
In addition to infections in your gums and jaw, as well as loss of teeth, there are other important reasons for seeking treatment for inflamed gums. New research shows that there is a link between untreated gum disease and other disease processes in the body. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and osteoporosis have all been linked to the inflammation in the gums called periodontal disease.
Researchers have found the chemicals in chronic inflammation associated with periodontal disease travel throughout the body and add to other problems. By getting gum disease treatment patients can reduce their risk of these other diseases.

How Does Laser Gum Treatment Help?
Laser gum therapy in Anthem can help to eliminate gum disease without the need for invasive treatments that have traditionally been used. Ultra-thin laser filaments allow dentists to get down into the periodontal pockets and removed disease tissues and bacteria with the least amount of trauma to the gums and teeth.
With old conventional periodontal treatment, gums are cut open, roots are scraped, and stitches are used once diseased tissues have been removed. With laser periodontal disease treatment there is no need for cutting or stitches and bleeding is minimal. Because the laser gum treatment is capable of much smaller incisions it can remove the diseased tissues and leave the healthy tissues in place. This results in faster recovery, and a much better chance of reversing the course of the disease. As an added benefit the laser kills the bacteria in the pocket and denatures the tartar to make it easier to remove.
Treating inflamed gums is critical not only to dental health but also to your overall health. Because gum disease often has few if any serious symptoms it is easy to overlook or ignore. Regular visits to your dentist will not only help to prevent gum disease but it will also insure that you get the right inflamed gums treatment when and if it is needed.

Monday, October 28, 2013

What Is A Periodontist

A pciture of a large model tooth with the doctor behind it and some dental tools sitting next to it.  we all love dental tools dont we?We still seem to get this question asked of us and have no problem explaining it, and in case anyone wants to know but may be afraid to ask us, here is a good read on our simple explanation.

When you need something beyond the crown of your tooth attended to, in order to make your smile sparkle again, you will see at Anthem Periodontist and Dental Implants rather than a general dentist. While we are professionals in a similar field, the types of treatments and procedures we perform are vastly different. As a periodontist we specialize in the gums, roots and jaw line of the teeth.

To make it simple we say, specializing in your teeth beyond the crown.
A dentist can perform basic procedures like filling cavities, cleanings and some cosmetic work relating to the white of the tooth that you see(which is the crown). A periodontist, however, goes deeper into the tooth in its roots and the gum line around it.

It is imperative for a periodontist to attend 3 years of additional schooling and intensive training beyond that after finishing dental school. The name given to periodontists comes from our doctor’s specialty – the diagnosis and treatment of gingivitis, also known as periodontal disease. Once a patient is diagnosed, gingivitis is treated through a specialized deep cleaning process like scaling or root planing.

This cleaning process should be specific to periodontist Las Vegas as it is important we examine the roots of teeth and work to even remove the damaged tissue from those same roots. Having an expert complete this work will you give you an advantage of trained eyes examining any possible issues beyond bacteria growth both on your tooth’s roots and on the gums.

This type of dental professional also specializes in the installation of dental implants. These devices are surgical grade titanium placed permanently into the jawbone of a patient. This can be done for a single tooth, in place of multiple teeth or even to replace all teeth. In the case of a single implant, the procedure is more effective at preserving teeth surrounding the gap because the replaced tooth acts as a “placeholder” to keep others from shifting. Dental implants are the number one alternative to temporary tooth replacements such as dentures or bridges.

In order to perform the surgical procedure of a dental implant, the doctor will first evaluate the patient’s mouth to see if he or she has enough bone structure to be a candidate. If not, bone grafting may be done prior to any implants being inserted. Once bone stability has been determined, we will surgically implant a dental cylinder into the bone in each place where an implant will go. After a healing period, during which the bone grows around and attaches to the cylinder, the abutment, to which the tooth will attach, is surgically placed. The crown, which is the same size and shape of your prior tooth is then measured, crafted and permanently secured into your mouth. Ultimately the procedure ends with a fully healed mouth and a permanent new tooth that looks and feels the same of your old one.

In addition to treating periodontal disease and installing dental implants, we can also provide cosmetic dentistry and perform other types of procedures to enhance the look of a patient’s smile. Other procedures we specialize in are the coverage of roots when the gum recesses, crown lengthening, tissue grafting, lip repositioning, removing gummy smile and many more aesthetic procedures. We have a full understanding of what many call periodontal plastic surgery and this allows us to cosmetically enhance your smile.

At Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants Las Vegas we also provide a dental hygienist that can give your teeth the extra cleaning they need and deserve. We recommend utilizing us for this not as a replacement to your general dentist but as an addition to your tooth cleaning cycle. We also take it upon ourselves to go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable in our office. When you make a trip to our office we ensure that you will be comfortable and relaxed with our extensively trained, educated and experienced staff.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sedation Dentistry in Las Vegas

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

The thought of visiting the dentist fills some people with a sense of dread. Our practice wants to help you avoid this uncomfortable feeling, so we make sure to ask every person who walks through our doors if dental anxiety is an issue for them. If so, we offer them the option of sedation dentistry.
Anthem Periodontics is certified in the state of Nevada to sedate patients who have a fear of visiting the dentist. Before the dental procedure begins, those who choose this option receive sedatives, gases or an IV treatment that puts them to sleep. The benefits of opting to be sedated are many, and they include the following: • Patients are relieved of anxiety before their procedures begin • They are unaware of what is occurring while the procedure is being done • After their treatments are over, they don’t remember what happened • People stop avoiding dental visits and are able to maintain their oral health

The Two Types of Sedation Dentistry

At Anthem Periodontics, Dr. De Andrade offers his patients these two different types of sedation dentistry:
1. Oral Sedation – Also known as “twilight sleep,” oral sedation helps to relax anxious patients so that their dental treatments can be completed in the least amount of time possible. If you choose oral sedation, you will receive medication that we will monitor from the beginning of your visit until after the treatment is over as if we were giving you medication by way of an IV.
2. IV Sedation - This second option puts you to sleep
Whether you choose oral sedation or IV sedation, you will need to have someone drive you home and care for you for a period of time after the procedure is over. Sedation dentistry has been an important advancement in dentistry as a whole because more people are making appointments to see their dentists on a regular basis. Since you will be sedated before anything else happens, you won’t experience any of the unpleasant sensations that you remember from previous dental visits, including the needle that administers local anesthesia. At Anthem Periodontics, you will have the option of taking anti-anxiety drugs that relieve you of the unpleasant feelings you experience before dental procedures, but you will remain awake during your treatment. If you prefer not to be awake during the process, you can also choose to be put to sleep during the procedure. For this option, Amber our certified anesthesiologist will help you fall asleep and monitor you during the entire procedure.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Dental Implants: Important Questions To Ask

Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants displays a plastic model of the jaw with a dental implant placed to show how the implant will function in the mouth
Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants shows patients a
clear plastic model with a dental implant inserted in order
for our patients to understand what we will be doing in
their mouth.  Our 100% success rate is reflective of the
training and experience of our own Dr. De Andrade.
When trusting a dental implant professional to your mouth we recommend asking some important questions to help ensure you know you are in good hands.

It may not be possible to know 100% if the doctor you are working with has the experience, know how and ability to place a perfect implant.  By asking these questions, you will at least have peace of mind they have the right answers and proof to provide you.

These questions touch on important aspects of a successfully placed implant such as materials and certifications behind those materials.  Beyond that we touch on the experience of the doctor and their ability to show you their successful track record.

Reasoning For Creation Of These Questions

Here in Las Vegas Dr. De Andrade is known as that doctor. He has been referred thousands of dental implant cases during his 12 plus years here in Las Vegas. Unfortunately he is finding more and more that those referrals are post implant. Meaning the patient has had an implant inserted, but something has gone terribly wrong. The patient then went to another dentist for help and was then immediately referred to Dr. De Andrade. "We have a history of making wrongs, right." office manager Dolores Grubbs is quoted as saying. 

Education Plays a Role in Success

So because of this we want to inform the general public to watch out for the so called weekend dental warriors who have learned how to place implants at a weekend seminar. This type of education lacks the true depth necessary for a dental professional to obtain the hands on experience one should have before placing implants. A periodontist such as Dr. De Andrade completes multiple years of schooling beyond dental school. They then complete a residency beyond that in which they work with experienced professionals that give them hands on training for many months. This difference of experience and education is uncomparable.

Highest Grade Material For Implants

This education then carries over to the knowledge of using the proper materials that give the best chance of success. Not only are all materials not created equally, with dental implants they can determine the overall success rate of an implant. Because of this and your overall safety when determining what you are going to put in your mouth most of our questions focus on the materials. Remember that every office should be able to show proof of origin for the implants. If they can give even more information beyond that then this too should help give you piece of mind. Here at Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants, we find ourselves able to go beyond the typical certificates of origins and really explain the difference in our implants and why ours are more apt to bond with your bone to create a permanent fixture in your mouth for your life.

Drum Roll Please... The Questions

Click Here to read our top five questions to ask before you get a dental implant.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

A Periodontist Can Provide Next Level Dental Care

Dental tools are shown in a treatment room at Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants In Las Vegas
The tools of a periodontist may not differ from a dentist,
but the added education and experience determines the
improved level of treatment you will receive.
Periodontal disease can affect more than just the gums. It can also affect the teeth, jaw bone, and general health of the body. Those with periodontal disease have an increased risk of stroke or heart attack. It is important to see a periodontist, a dentist who specializes in periodontal disease, when seeking treatment options. These professionals receive more education and training to deal with the specialized needs of those suffering from periodontal disease.

A periodontist can treat periodontal disease through surgical or non-surgical methods. When teeth need to be removed due to periodontal damage, implants may be used to replace one or more teeth. A full mouth restoration may be necessary in some cases.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Periodontal cosmetic surgery or sometimes referred to as periodontal plastic surgery may be necessary to correct problems that occur from severe cases of periodontal disease, birth defects, or for cosmetic reasons. Tooth sockets, gums, and areas of the tongue may be altered or repaired, depending on the needs of the patient.

Oral Cancer

A periodontist also specializes in oral cancer screenings to detect any signs or symptoms of cancer anywhere in the mouth. The periodontist will examine the mouth by sight and by touching areas in the mouth to feel for firmness and for unusual lumps or skin abnormalities. If any unusual sores are discovered, a biopsy can be taken to determine if it is cancerous or not.

Periodontal Services

With Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants, you can receive treatment in all phases of periodontal work including gum treatments, bone treatments, and dental implants. Dr. Ed De Andrade uses sedation dentistry methods for the comfort of his patients. You can receive surgical or non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease, depending on what is needed. Dr. Ed De Andrade is committed to quality treatment and is a specialist in:
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Gum repair
  • Dental implants
  • All periodontal disease procedures

Las Vegas Periodontist

At Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants, Dr. Ed De Andrade has been serving the communities of Las Vegas and Henderson, NV, for over ten years. Anthem Periodontics uses the latest cutting edge technologies for the best treatment options available to patients. Dr. Ed De Andrade has received many special recognitions, including that of best dentist in Las Vegas and Henderson on more than one occasion. He has published work in respected medical journals, such as The Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry and The International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry.


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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants Celebrates Their Tenth Year of Success

Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants, since 2002.  Celebrating 10 years of successful peridontic and oral health care for our patients! Thank you to all that have helped us to become the most successful periodontist and cosmetic dentist in the Las Vegas Area!

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